Curated by Danielle Krysa, The Jealous Curator ... Featuring new, original work by Hollie Chastain, Hagar Vardimon, and Danielle Krysa

Curatorial Statement : Three collage artists living in completely different parts of the world – Hollie Chastain in Chattanooga Tennessee, Hagar Vardimon in Amsterdam, and me, Danielle Krysa in a small town in Western Canada – yet we have a strange habit of creating very similar work. A lot. I thought it was high time the three of us show together, and so “Collagmically Connected” was born. We agreed on the theme of "home" and off we went to create two collages each ... and wouldn't you know it, we all came back with four pieces. From house numbers, to protective gardens, to finding our way back home – Hollie + Hagar + Danielle = collagmically connected 4ever.

*Image on home page is a mixed media collage by Danielle Krysa.